We are NAF’s Exclusive Master Distributor for the entire United States.

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AVI is Flowserve's Master Distributor for NAF Digester Valves serving the entire United States. Our goal is to be the leader in Digester Valve Application Solutions. We stock ANSI 300# Digester Blow Valves, Liquor Valves, and Control Valves for a variety of Digester Applications. We also sell the ProCap Capping Valve for Batch Digesters, the most unique long-lasting Capping Valve available.


Being headquartered in the heart of the Pulp & Paper industry in the Southeast, AVI serves a diverse market including Power & Utilities, Chemical, Waste and Water Treatment, Food Processing, and others.

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As the leader in Digester Application Solutions, AVI is ready to assist you with any questions regarding proper digester valve application. Call AVI and ask to speak to one of our Valve Application Specialists about your specific needs.

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AVI is your source for valves, instrumentation, actuators, and accessories.

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The NAF Exclusive Master Distributor serving the entire United States


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